Factors affecting the price of the fuse, how to judge whether the fuse is blown

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In the case of many peers maliciously lowering prices, the price of the fuse market is chaotic. After the outbreak of the epidemic, workers resumed work very slowly, logistics and transportation were affected, and the supply of goods in the factory was insufficient, so the supply of products could not be demanded. So not only the reason for this epidemic but also what factors have affected the price of fuses? Shanghai Zhiguang Fuse Co., Ltd provides related answers to questions such as "what are the factors that affect the price of fuse link" and "how to judge whether a fuse is blown".

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What are the factors that affect the price of fuse link?
The price of fuse link continued to decline last year. After the epidemic this year, it ushered in a period of increase. In normal times, it is rare for fuse prices to rise continuously. With many peers suppressing prices maliciously, the fuse market price is chaotic. After the outbreak, workers were slow to resume work, logistics, and transportation were affected, and the original factory’s supply was insufficient, resulting in a shortage of products. So besides the reason for the epidemic, what other factors affect the price of the fuse?

1. For many people who purchase fuses, the brand and quality of the fuses are particularly important. In the eyes of manufacturers, the better the quality of the fuse, the higher the cost of raw materials and processing, and the higher the price of the produced fuse. But not all fuses with good quality have high prices, and different manufacturers and suppliers have different prices.

2. There are too many fuses in the market, that is, the supply exceeds demand. When many manufacturers and suppliers have too much inventory, the price of fuses will drop; when the supply of products exceeds demand, the price will rise again. The types of fuses are scarce and not commonly used, and the prices of these products will be slightly higher, while the prices of such fuses that are abundant and suitable for many circuits are relatively stable.

3. Value determines the price. Value is the determinant of price. The greater the value of the commodity, the higher the commodity price. For example, the price of a car is high and the price of a bicycle is low. No matter how the price changes, it will always revolve around the axis of value.

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Why should the rated current of the fuse be slightly greater than the actual passing current?
Because the household circuit is alternating current, the voltage is changing. 220V is only its effective value, and the actual maximum voltage is 220*root 2. In order to prevent low-peak power consumption from an excessive voltage or fuse burnout, the rated current must be slightly higher than the maximum normal current.
If the rated current of the fuse is less than the maximum normal current in the circuit, it means that all the electrical appliances in the circuit cannot work together normally. Once fully opened, the fuse will blow, but it should not exceed too much, otherwise, there will be a short circuit in the circuit and the total current will be too high. There is also a fire hazard if the fuse is not blown in time.

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How to judge whether the fuse is blown?
1. Appearance: If there is a burning smell and there are obvious signs of burning, it can be judged that the PPTC resettable fuse is broken and needs to be replaced. Fuses are also called current fuses. When the current rises abnormally to a certain height and generates heat, the fuse will fuse itself to cut off the current, thereby protecting the safe operation of the circuit.
2. Resistance gear (R gear)) test the digital multimeter Q: The red test pen and the black test plate respectively measure the two sides of the self-recovery fuse to see if there is any response. If there is no response, the fuse is damaged and needs to be replaced.
3. Replacement or wiring: It is necessary to replace a new resettable fuse or immediately use one or two small copper wires to connect both sides of the fuse to the power supply, and then observe the working conditions of all household appliances. This method can determine whether the previous fuse is broken and whether it needs to be replaced, but Xiaobai does not recommend this.
4. Check the parameter manual of the electrical appliance: refer to the current flow, working voltage, and fault current of the resettable fuse.
5. What should I do if the fuse is burned? In this case, the fuse needs to be replaced again, but the cause needs to be clarified first. If it is caused by the aging of the fuse, first turn off the power, and then buy the same type of replacement. However, if it is caused by excessive use of electrical appliances, in addition to replacing the fuse, it is also necessary to reduce the number of electrical appliances used accordingly.

What is the difference between a blown fuse and a trip?
1. The concept is different: the fuse will burn because the load of the switch is too small, and the overload will cause burnout and tripping, and tripping is a protection measure, which will trip when the current is too large or leakage.
2. The processing method is different: if the fuse burns out, you must reconnect the fuse, and if it trips, you only need to push it up again.

The above is all about "factors affecting the price of fuses", "why the rated current of the fuse should be slightly greater than the actual passing current", "how to judge whether the fuse is blown", "the difference between a burnt fuse and a trip", I hope it can help everyone Learn more about fuses, please continue to Shanghai Zhiguang Fuse Co., Ltd for more fuse knowledge!

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