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Quality product supplier

Quality product supplier

All products have passed the high power test station of Electric Power Research Institute of Ministry of electric power industry

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Strict management, the spirit of self-discipline, the sense of unity, created a high-quality team

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is producing various voltage high-voltage fuse for 12KV-66KV line and transformer protection high-voltage current-limiting fuse; high-voltage fuses specially for power capacitor; high voltage current-limiting fuse for motor protection and high-voltage current-limiting fuse for mutual inductor protection. Shanghai Zhiguang fuse Co., Ltd was founded in 1990, it is appointed to produce various high-voltage fuses of different voltage grades, high-voltage current-limiting fuses, high-voltage fuses specially for power capacitor and more other kinds of fuses...

Product production workshop
Product production workshop
Product production workshop
Product production workshop

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The two functions of a fuse are overcurrent protection and isolation. The function of a fuse cu...

What material are high voltage fuse links made of

High voltage fuse links is composed of conductor material, insulating material and circuit brea...

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